Growing Value Course

If a CEO, president or entrepreneur asks me to help them grow the value of their business, I won’t suggest buying more real estate, stockpiling inventory, or adding more sales people. The tangibles. No, I start with the easiest and most economical approach. Let’s grow the value of your intangible assets.

That’s because although most company presidents, entrepreneurs and small to mid-sized business owners tend to focus on the tangibles, a study in 2001, by CJ Patrick & Company — reiterated in 2009 by Brand Finance — suggests that in most successful enterprises, only 25% to 33% of their value is derived from tangible assets. A much larger portion, 66% to 75% is in intangible assets.

That was a long sentence. Shortened up, most successful enterprises derive less that 33% of their value from tangible assets and deriving nearly 70% from the intangibles.

That’s why I recommend a focus on those intangible assets to maximize company worth and business growth. And all without increasing your marketing budget.

In this first series of classes, called Focus on Intangible Asset Value Growth, you will identify and learn the value of these assets, often left untapped in most organizations.

Equally important, you’ll also learn the monetary value of those assets.

What you’ll learn:

  • What your company’s intangible assets are and the value they bring to the business
  • Proven processes and procedures to grow the value of those intangible assets
  • How to assess and benchmark the monetary value of your intangible assets

Learning is Growing.

Session 1
Discover the value of your Intangible Assets.

Session 2
Intangible Asset

Session 3
Building Trust to Energize Growth.

Session 4
Grow the value of your

Session 5
Start with Why.

Session 6
Developing your company culture.

Session 7
Your Brand Bundle.

Session 8
Improve your sales