WorthGrowing’s lnitial Focus is on Growing Value in Intangible Assets


Jim Hughes, Founder and Business Growth Strategist at WorthGrowing, announced the launch of a new website designed as a place where small to medium-sized businesses can visit to study business growth strategies and grow the val ue of their business.

The site is targeted at CEOs, Company Presidents and Entrepreneurs considering a sale, merger, bringing on a partner, wanting to raise capital or simply have an insatiable appetite for growth. The initial offering is a series of seven classes focused on intangible asset value growth.

“Most businesses pay little attention to the value of their intangible assets such as brand and culture. Yet studies have shown that most businesses derive 70% of their value from intangibles;’ said Hughes.

Additional classes will cover how to implement a brand refresh, business innovation and disruption and women’s leadership. AII delivered from a business growth strategies perspective.

The introductory lesson is free for companies that visit the site.

“The opportunity that I saw was that all business owners started their company to grow and prosper. The unfortunate thing is that most business owners are too busy conducting business so they neglect ever putting together an honest-to-goodness value growth strategy. So I launched www.growingworth.com to help business owners grow and measure the monetary value of their companies;’ said Hughes.

Prior to launching WorthGrowing, Jim Hughes spent twenty-two years as a Senior Brand Strategist at his own brand development agency. This was followed by eleven years as a brand consultancy. In addition Jim also founded the Brand Establishment in 2000 whose mission was to train and certify agency principals who wanted to grow their strategic capabilities.

During that time he realized that there were many business owners who wanted to learn and grow but did not have a one-stop place to go. WorthGrowing was the outcome of that discovery.

About WorthGrowing
WorthGrowing is on online information gateway for CEOs, Company Presidents and Entrepreneurs who run small to mid-sized companies. lt is designed to help companies grow through a library of business growth strategies and resources including blogs, articles, classes and more. A place for fresh thinking, new processes and procedures and the voices of experience.

Source: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20170915005911/en/WorthGrowing-Launches-Unique-Information-Gateway-Designed-Small