Vista Metals Case Study: Increasing Intangible Asset Value Assessment to 81%

Most leaders of small-to mid-sized businesses focus a keen eye on sales, operations and management. The really savvy also monitor the growth of value as found in their intangible assets. They do this not because they plan to sell the business⎯although for some a sale or merger is their end objective⎯but because they are exercising… Read more »

Look For Dollar Signs Inside Your Brand Bundle.

I have a client who offers second-to-none customer service. He’s written guidelines so that service is consistent—he’s named the process and trademarked the whole thing. Pretty neat. But valuable? We’ll see. This same client developed a way to consistently produce the highest quality products in the category. He utilized technology, new processes and training of… Read more »

Don’t Sell Yourself Short

Have you ever thought about selling your business? Sooner or later, we all need to address succession. Or, how about a merger or taking on a partner? Do you want to attract more talented people? Sure, we all do. And lastly, do you need or want to raise some capital? Well, there is a sure-fire… Read more »

WorthGrowing Launches Unique lnformation Gateway Designed to Help Small to Mid-Sized Companies Grow Their Businesses

WorthGrowing’s lnitial Focus is on Growing Value in Intangible Assets IRVINE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Jim Hughes, Founder and Business Growth Strategist at WorthGrowing, announced the launch of a new website designed as a place where small to medium-sized businesses can visit to study business growth strategies and grow the val ue of their business. The site… Read more »

For a better company culture, start an uprising.

When a company’s distinctive brand is discovered and the corporate “Why” (the impact and contribution of an organization) is unearthed, and both are shared with employees, strategic partners, stakeholders, channel partners, industry influencers, customers and prospects – there is, now, an opportunity to do something revolutionary. Most companies really don’t understand the potential their company… Read more »

Value is strength.

I talk all the time about growing the value of a business by increasing the value of its intangible assets such as company culture, reputation, and the company’s emotional connections with customers and prospects – to name just a few. And it can’t be stressed enough that the STRENGTH of this good work will add… Read more »

When CEO’s look in the mirror, they should see their company’s brand.

I was asked recently why it was so important that the C-Suite be involved in the brand development process. My answer was, and always is: brand development is not a marketing assignment, it is a corporate initiative, and must originate at the very top echelon of the company or organization. You see CEO’s; presidents or… Read more »

Brand refresh: Add zest to your business with a fresh brand glow.

Like all things organic, aging happens – even in brands. And like some of us appearance – minded humans, your brand may need a day at the spa or even an appointment with plastics guy in Beverly Hills. Look at GE for instance. In 1979, “We bring good things to life” was born as a… Read more »

What could Caleb Followill of The Kings of Leon learn from Mike Love of The Beach Boys?

Brand value for one thing. Some of you may remember the Beach Boys hit “Be True To Your School.” I do. Among the lyrics is “Let your colors fly, rah rah sis boom bah.” But I will bet that most of you aren’t as true to your brands as you are your school? Do your… Read more »